What Is MTech-Career and Scope

mtech scope in india

Mtech-Career And Scope

Mtech-Masters of Technology

Master of Technology  degree  can be academic or professional master’s degree in the field of engineering.In academic terms, a master is one who has completed a specific course of study at the post-graduate level. These degrees are issued by a number of different types of Universities and it can take from two to four years to obtain.

What is a Master of Engineering Study? These courses are most often taken as a bridge between an UG(Under Graduate) degree . The focus this  mtech course  is usually on the information  side of engineering, with a typical option of courses covering civil engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering or aeronautical  engineering. Classes may vary widely depending on the specific engineering focus of the programs, such as civil, computer, mechanical, or nuclear. However, courses tend to require a high level of mathematics and scientific performance from students and may include hands-on projects or theoretical knowledge as well.

A Master of Technology or Master of Science in Engineering can take one of two forms: an academic degree, or a professional degree with skills and practical analysis over the former’s theory and research. The types of engineering degree available to you will partly be determined by the country and the institution in which you have chosen to m-tech there are many specialization available as of btech


List Of Specialization in Mtech

  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Distributed Computing
  • Advance Computing
  •  Power Systems
  •  Thermal Engineering
  • Chemical Plant Design
  •  Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Aerodynamics 
  •  Computer Aided Design

Eligibility For Master of Technology

  • For Master engineering programme (M.Tech), Candidate are Eligible after they  got at least a college level Bachelor’s degree in Technology (B.Tech) in related specialization.

  • Students having M-Sc degree in Science/Mathematics//Computer Applications or equivalent can also apply for MTech.

Mtech Admission Process

Every Student who have successfully complete btech degree.often have question in mind that How to Get Admission in Mtech?

Admissions into Masters of technology course is done through the national level or state level entrance exam.Students  have to appear for the entrance exam for taking admission. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering  is the all India level examination which provides admission in IITs.many reputed colleges and universities accepts admission in mtech on basis of Gate Score.

Below are the list of Mtech Entrance Exam You can attempt

  • Gate(Graduate Aptitude aptitude test)
  •  CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design)
  •  NSIT M.Tech Admission (Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology M.Tech Admission)
  •  DTU M.Tech Admission (Delhi Technological University M.Tech Admission)
  • IIST Admissions PG (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Admissions-PG)
  •  IIIT-B M.Tech Admission (IIIT Bangalore M.Tech Admission)
  • BITS HD (Birla Institute of Technology & Science Higher Degree Exam)



B.Tech(bachelor of technology) can provide you good job in engineering field but if you have Mtech degree along with B.Tech then, it expands your career opportunities.

What is the Career Scope After M.Tech?

mtech qualified always get prefrence then other technically qualified person due to of higher education,Candidate possessing a higher degree is considered more capable for the job.It will not only adds value to your qualification but also expands the career scope and job opportunities . MTech degree will enable you to get promoted to  higher position in an organization.

Having bachelor’s degree and experience takes many years to get a higher position in an company. With master’s degree in engineering, your chances to get promotion for higher position will increase in short time.after  M.Tech as you can pursue research programmes (Ph.D). The research will include study of technical literature and writing papers.there are lakhs of opportunity for the mtech students in india as well as in abroad.

Salary after M.Tech degree, you can earn good salary package. Salary  always depends upon your job profile, experience, skills and knowledge.

If you are working for a good multi national company, then your salary package can be around Rs. 4 to 8 lacs per year, depending upon the corporate company  for which you are working.



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